B-Technical Designs


Architectural Services

Architectural design and planning for every project.

We design to best suit your individual needs. We provide concept designs and sketch plans, obtaining council approval, drawing up tender and construction documentation.

It is recommended to appoint us for full architectural services, but partial services could be agreed on as set out in the “Guideline Professional Fees issued in terms of Section 34 (2) of the Architectural Profession Act, 2000 Act 44 of 2000”.

Energy Efficient Design

Maximize your energy savings with an energy-efficient design.

We are competent to do energy calculations regarding SANS 10400 XA and SANS 204. We consider the orientation of your house on the erf to maximize energy efficiency.

Thermal insulation has to meet the requirements as set out in SANS 10400 XA and SANS 204 and this will reduce the need for air conditioning. Water heating, LED lighting and fenestration calculations form part of this service that will save you money on energy consumption in the long term.

Architectural Graphics

Architectural design from concept to construction, visually!

We specialize in the 3D modelling of your project, thus we deliver everything ranging from basic sketches and floor plans to 3D photorealistic renderings.

Renders bring life to two-dimensional designs. This is an excellent tool to convey the look and feel of materials, textures and finishes to ensure that the designer and owner see the same end product.

Coordination with professionals

Coordinate projects with experienced professionals.

We coordinate our drawings with those of other appointed professionals to ensure accuracy and avoid discrepancies between the various disciplines.

When a project is properly coordinated, it could help to reduce costs and delays. Good communication between the professionals will lead to good collaboration and an end product to everyone’s satisfaction.

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